Webcomic - What is it?!

Webcomics are comparable to self-published printed comics and almost any person can create and publish their own webcomic. The readership levels can vary widely; most are read-only by immediate family and friends by the creator while some have million readers and claim the largest audiences. It ranges from traditional graphic novels and comic strips to avant garde and to cover many, styles, subjects and genres. Only few are selected to be financially successful.

Webcomic is also known as internet comics or online comics. These are comics that are published online in a website.


There are many differences between a printed comics and a webcomics. Making a webcomic will allow the restrictions of traditional newspapers and magazines be lifted. This will allow the writers and artists to take the unique capabilities of web to an advantage.


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Freedom webcomics allows and provides the artist to make a non-traditional style. Photo comic or clip art are examples of webcomics that doesn’t use the traditional artwork. For example, the Softer World (a webcomic company) had made an overlaying photographs of typewriter style text in strips. As is constrained comics, the artist is trying to make an original art with a tight defined boundaries. For example Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics are created within most strips that results the art to be copied exactly similar from a handful template comics. The one that only changes is the text. Richard Stevens of the Diesel Sweeties created the Pixel art which is similar to sprite comics but he uses a low-resolution images. This is common for the artists nowadays in using the traditional layouts and styles that is similar to the published comic books and newspapers.

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